Avengers Cheat Sheet: Everything you need to know about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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After seemingly years of anticipation, Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” is finally hitting theaters.  Er, it’s finally hitting theaters in the United States.  Many of you may be wondering what the hype is all about.  Or, perhaps your significant other or a family member is planning on dragging you to take part in the film’s expected record breaking weekend.  Have you never picked up an Avengers comic book?  Do the names Ultron and Thanos elicit absolutely no reaction from you?  Well, don’t fear true believer. HitFix has got a brand new feature that will help prepare you to enter the Avengers’ corner of the Marvel Universe.

The HitFix Cheat Sheet: The Avengers is a 10 minute must watch guide to everything Avengers in Joss Whedon’s new tentpole.  It features commentary from HitFix’s own Drew McWeeny as well as Zap2it contributor and fan favorite Jenna Busch. The HitFix Cheat Sheet will be a regular feature in the months to come on Crackle, so check out our first installment below and let us know what you think.

Need more “Avengers” content?  How about…

*None of them appear sadly, but it’s good background for the inevitable sequel.

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 Clark Gregg and Cobie Smulders rave about director Joss Whedon

Tom Hiddleston reveals how the psychology of Loki changes from ‘Thor’ to ‘The Avengers’

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, visit our “Avengers” hub page for everything and anything that’s been written on HitFix about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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