The Major Villains From ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Have Been Revealed

Marvel blew pretty much everybody away with their D23 presentation on Saturday, and frustrated a few more who couldn’t be there live. The footage they previewed from Infinity War has not made its way online yet, but plenty of reactions and images of the Avengers cast have filtered out as time moves by. We still haven’t gotten any of the footage online — and probably won’t — but we did get another reveal from the company on Saturday.

As we shared at the close of the week, Thanos was on hand on the main floor at D23, looking ripped and ready to cause trouble sans his golden armor and the iconic Infinity Gauntlet. But he was also accompanied by a few covered figures that were set to be revealed after the panel, leaving a few feeling that Marvel might’ve pulled another Spider-Man deal with Fox for the Fantastic Four. That was not the case, but it was equally surprising for fans of Marvel Comics:

Josh Brolin joined the reveal to show off the Infinity Gauntlet itself with its full arrangement of stones and to introduce the film versions of The Black Order, also being referred to as the Children of Thanos for the film:

Now as we know, Nebula and Gamora from Guardians Of The Galaxy are the only “children” of Thanos we have at the moment in the film and comics, but it’s still not known if these are actually more kids or just followers of Thanos and his nihilistic terror on the universe. We also don’t know the full backstory of Thanos in the MCU at this point, but we do know he shares a lot of qualities with his comic counterpart, as do the members of the Black Order:

The members being included in the film are Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, the completely bad ass Proxima Midnight, and what seems to be the renamed Black Dwarf, now known as Cull Obsidian. Glaive, Maw, and Midnight all look like they were ripped from a comic page, while Obsidian is a little more dark and reptilian compared to his comics counterpart.