‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is Already Breaking Records

The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was released on Wednesday, and it’s already garnered a set of YouTube records. The trailer broke two records. One for the most views worldwide in the first 24 hours: 230 million. The first-day world record was previously held by It (197 million) and, before that, by The Fate of the Furious (139 million). Perhaps Avengers: Infinity War broke that record because everyone was rewatching to see all those characters and the easy-to-miss details.

The trailer was also the fastest to reach 1 million likes on YouTube, and it’s still climbing (over 2 million likes as of this writing). And strong reactions continue to pour in about the unprecedentedly-popular Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Some likened Thanos’ appearance to other familiar figures.

Some compared members of the Avengers to other people:

Meanwhile, in other parts of the Marvel universe, Deadpool had more pressing matters to attend to.

Captain America’s beard was a huge thirst trap for Twitter but also an easy target for zingers like this:

And one naughty scamp went and leaked the whole ending of the movie. OMG, SPOILERS!

Avengers: CGI Punches A Portal, But Not The Same One As Last Time It’s Totally Different And More Serious Now opens May 4th, 2018. That title is subject to change.

(Via Marvel and Oh No They Didn’t)