Watch Avicii’s fashionable ‘Wake Me Up’ music video

Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” music video has some advice for you: If you ever get the feeling you’re too young and beautiful for your tiny, inbred, podunk town, then find your way to the closest metro and dance your ass off to Avicii.

The clip was shot as part of a fashion campaign (which rhymes with Lalph Rauren) and features several nonsensically beautiful models. A woman and a child are stared down by the townspeople as they strut through town.

“They don’t like us… why?” the child asks the “mother.”

Because you are traditionally pretty, immaculately conceived and wearing a belt, and that ish is just mind-blowing.

Conform and get a tattoo and turn up “Wake Me Up,” featuring the talented Aloe Blacc.

“Wake Me Up” is the first single from dance artist Avicii’s forthcoming debut “True,” out on Sept. 17.