Bad Lip Reading Returns With A ‘Star Wars’ Song About The Planet-Destroying Might Of The Death Star

Sometimes the internet manages to bring together two seemingly opposite things that instead combine into something transcendently hilarious. When you think Star Wars and musicals, your first thought may go to the disastrous holiday special of yore. Sure, it has become a cult classic of sorts, but no one was clamoring for more. However, the folks behind Bad Lip Reading are at it again, giving us the power ballad duet of Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia that we all deserve.

This isn’t the first time that BLR has gone the Star Wars musical route, but it might be the best. After a run of Trump skewering videos, it’s refreshing to return to the otherworldly setting of a galaxy far, far away, instead of reminding viewers of our current administration. In “It’s Not A Moon,” the events of A New Hope and Rogue One are woven together to remind everyone of the might of the Death Star (at least until you find that pesky pathway directly to the reactor core).

At the very least, it’s fun to see the threatening Tarkin singing about “teaching the kids to drink powdered goat bladders.” This character revisit is certainly less offputting than his digital resurrection in Rogue One.