Barbra Streisand’s late-night return: She got to sit in Jimmy Fallon’s chair and show off her left profile

Barbra Streisand”s late-night return: She got to sit in Jimmy Fallon”s chair and show off her left profile
Perhaps Streisand avoided late-night TV for 50 years because she couldn”t show her left profile, according to Roger Friedman: “I think I know the reason Barbra Streisand didn”t do late night TV for 50 years. The hosts wouldn”t let her sit with her left profile. Jimmy Fallon did. He let Barbra sit in his chair for the whole Tonight show tonight. She got her way, and her preferred profile. This is a big deal for Barbra, trust me.” PLUS: Watch Streisand and Fallon as Elvis sing a medley of duets.

Adam Lambert to fill in for Keith Urban as an “Idol” judge
The Season 8 runner-up will serve as guest-judge for the New York auditions as Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman deal with the death of her father.

“Dancing with the Stars” reunited Cheech & Chong
There were lots of pot references during Tommy Chong”s “Dancing” performance. PLUS: Ranking the contestants – and the awkwardness.

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Joan Rivers complained of voice trouble in her last-ever recording
“My voice has been bothering me. I don”t know what it is,” Rivers said in a rehearsal for a radio ad that she made hours before her fateful procedure to treat her vocal cords.

Bill Hader reunites with Seth Meyers, jokes that Meyers was “a bit of a d*ck” on “SNL”
Hader recalled the time Meyers had to explain to him how to pronounce the “Bader” in Ruth Bader Ginsburg – it”s rhymes with “Hader.” PLUS: Hader recalls Stefon”s wedding, and he unveiled an impression that “SNL” cut.