Fans use Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ as a base for a ‘Blackest Night’ team-up

Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern was a false start for Warner Bros' DC film universe but fans have figured out a way to turn it into something great. Check out the trailer for Blackest Night which features clips from past and present WB superhero films as well as DC's television properties and more.

This fan trailer by UltraSargent in collaboration with ALISTPRODUCTIONS, is technically darker than anything we've seen in a DC film yet it feels more appropriately dark, if that makes sense.

I didn't see any vomiting cats but I quite liked it anyway. Fans familiar with the Blackest Night storyline from the comics and Geoff Johns' rainbow Lanterns (representing the emotional spectrum of the universe) will have caught lots of nods to that story. For those not familiar, we learned a few years ago there were more than just Green Lanterns in the DCU and those other Corps had a particular emotion connected to their colored rings. For instance the Star Sapphires, represented by Wonder Woman here, represent love while Lex Luthor's orange ring equals greed. The Black Lanterns were zombie-like creatures made up of DC's dead.

There's a few cheats in the trailer like dialogue from X-Men: Apocalypse, The Matrix Revolutions and more but I really enjoyed the story they presented. What else did you notice?