‘Bates Motel’ teasers conjure up that ‘Psycho’ feeling

12.01.12 7 years ago

Alfred Hitchcock’s landmark 1960 horror film “Psycho” is everywhere you look these days.

The new film biopic “Hitchcock” explores the filmmaker’s life during the making of the film, and now A&E have revealed the first two teasers for “Bates Motel,” a prequel series to “Psycho.”

“Motel,” of which the cable network has already ordered 10 episodes, begins with Norman Bates (“Finding Neverland’s” Freddie Highmore) as a teenager who moves into a spooky old motel with his domineering mother Norma (Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga). Uncomfortable psychological issues — and murder — ensue, allowing viewers to discover how Norman became the unhinged madmen in the 1960 film. 

The David Lynch-esque first teaser displays one of the creepiest sinks of all-time:

Teaser No. 2 is ever hotter:

In less than 30 combined seconds of homicidal imagery and disturbing music you can see that “Bates Motel” will probably scare the wigs off of a lot of viewers — but will it hold a candle to Hitch’s disturbing B&W psychological horror?

Carlton Cuse (“Lost”) and Kerry Ehrin (“Friday Night Lights”) are executive producing the show. It also stars Max Thieriot, Keegan Connor Tracy and Mike Vogel. 

Note that in 1987 NBC attempted a “Psycho” spin-off also titled “Bates Motel,” with a pilot that took place after the original film. Meanwhile, 1990’s “Psycho IV: The Beginning” also explores Norman’s (Anthony Perkins) childhood through flashbacks. “Bates Motel” will, presumably, have nothing to do with either of those efforts.

“Bates Motel” will air sometime in 2013 on A&E. 

Are you excited for “Bates Motel”? Or should “Psycho” just be left alone?

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