Bruce Wayne Meets A Very Unfriendly ‘The Aquaman’ In This Tense Clip From ‘Justice League’

Justice League will land in theaters in two short weeks, giving us the next chapter in the story that started back in Man Of Steel and gained steam this year thanks to some heroics by Wonder Woman at the box office. What the final product will look like is still up in the air, but the promotion and trailers we’ve seen up to this point at least show the folks at Warner Bros. are trying to put their best foot forward and trying to show they’ve learned lessons from their past missteps.

These two preview clips shared with ComicBook.com add to that, giving us a look at the meetings between Barry Allen/ The Flash and Arthur Curry or “The Aquaman” as Ben Affleck says. While the general feel of these clips has been shared in the past through the trailers and TV spots we’ve seen, there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes info included at the end. Also the meeting between Bruce Wayne and Arthur Curry gets a little more flesh than just the snippets we’ve seen in the past. While Bruce has no trouble getting Barry Allen on board, there is some convincing to be done for Aquaman.

The Flash clip gives us a lot of what we’ve already seen, but Aquaman gives a peek at Atlantis, his wife Mera, and his status as a half-man, half-Atlantean superhuman that can somewhat do much more than just “talk to fish.” Jason Mamoa certainly seems psyched about the role and what is in store for his solo turn as the character in the near future. Going to be hard to top riding the Batmobile into battle, but there are at least two more movies where he’ll get the chance.

(Via ComicBook)