Batman v Superman Merchandise Reveals Wonder Woman’s Civilian Career

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hasn't given us much information about the character we're most interested in seeing – Wonder Woman – but a new piece of merchandise has given us the job of her alter ego, Diana Prince.

I wouldn't consider this a spoiler but if you really don't want to know what job Wonder Woman does in her down time, look away now.

ComicBookMovie.com spotted an image on an unofficial Instagram account wonderwomanbr. They post toys, posters, and pretty much anything with actor Gal Gadot on it. Yesterday it was an image of a Wonder Woman bust (originally posted by thechanteuse) from Batman v Superman.


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The description on the back of the box reads:

The world”s first and foremost female Super Hero, Wonder Woman at once embodies the unrivaled force and supreme grace of a born warrior, and the genuine compassion and understanding of a true humanitarian. As a symbol of equality, power, and truth, her natural confidence and unmistakable intelligence make her an unequalled, if unexpected, ally. The immortal Amazonian Princess Diana keeps her eyes and ears open for intrigue as the beautiful and mysterious antiquities dealer, Diana Prince.

Antiquities dealer, huh? Well, I guess it makes the job of an antique deal really easy when they've been around 5,000 years.

While a lot of the general public may consider Diana's “real” job to be that of a Navy Yeoman Petty Officer First Class thanks to the 70s television series starring Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman has had an array of jobs in her comic book past. In Sensation Comics #1, Wonder Woman basically bribed an army nurse named Lt. Diana Prince so she could take over her job and keep an eye on Steve Trevor. She's been a secretary several times, worked in a museum, and even owned a boutique in her mod days. But who can forget her job at TacoWhiz?

She's also worked for various government agencies (along with the awesome Etta Candy) but the last we saw in live-action, in David E. Kelley's failed NBC pilot, Diana was the owner of Themyscira Industries.

My first thought for this Batman v Superman career was that it lacked Wonder Woman's natural characterization for helping people but I think I'm ok with it. And for anyone who doesn't think “antiquities dealer” is an exciting enough gig befitting this historic character I present the following.