The ‘Batman V. Superman’ VFX Reel Shows Off Batman’s Wonderful, Destructive Toys

The big takeaway from Batman v. Superman is the lengths Bruce Wayne will go for justice. This older, more war-weary Bruce Wayne will do anything in his power to take down whoever he deems a threat, and damn any boat or car that will get in his way. When you’re a billionaire philanthropist, you can get away with tearing up the streets with your non-regulation Batmobile tires. We know Batman brutally murdered dozens of people in Bats v. Supes, but what the general public doesn’t know is how hard the special effects teams worked to make Batman’s irresponsible vigilante justice come to life.

Now Scanline VFX, one of the many visual effects studios who worked on BvS, are ending 2016 with a look at their work with Batman’s destructive and wonderful toys. Gaze in awe at Batman’s boatyard annihilation. You can see Scanline’s work come to life as every piece of wood and twisted steel comes to flies through the air. After your special effects lust wears off and you sober up, think about it: who is going to pay for that?

If Batman is wreaking havoc in Metropolis, and Superman is effing stuff up in Gotham, is there a pool of money to help each city recover, or do they try to tally up who is responsible for what?

It’s just another burden placed on the shoulders of the taxpayer, terrorized by super-villains and costumed goofs.