Hannibal gives Xena a run for the title, but the Warrior Princess triumphed in March Mayhem

Xenites rejoice! For the third consecutive year, you have banded together to make Xena the champion of the annual HitFix March Mayhem: Heroes & Villains poll! This victory is all the sweeter because your opponent fought hard and well. The Fannibals showed up en masse, with a brawl (of votes) breaking out in the final round.

Xena would be proud!

To give you an idea of how close the fight was, some statistics: In the Final Round of Heroes vs. Villains this year there were nearly 400,000 votes. 395,483 to be precise! That”s a lot of groundswell support. But who was it for? Both Xena AND Hannibal. Breaking down the numbers showed Hannibal Lector ended the bout with 197,001 to Xena”s 198,482. The returning champion took the crown by a mere 1,481 votes, the closest in March Mayhem history!

While it”s true Xena did snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, I”d like to take a moment to congratulate the Fannibals. Never before has a fandom duked it out as fiercely and as civilly as y”all. You brought your A-game and lit a fire under the Xenites. To resting on their laurels this year, cruising to an easy victory! And as Xena is a hero, it”s safe to say Hannibal is the undisputed champion of the Villains this year.

Long may Xena reign in Hero Elysium! Long may Hannibal rule in Villain Hades! Until next year…fandom on.