‘Beauty and the Beast’ video spotlights Emma Watson and Dan Stevens at table read

Belle is the obvious spirit animal for Disney-loving bookworms who don”t want, well, a worm for their spirit animal.

She was the Disney princess that any girl who preferred to have her nose stuck in a book could relate to.

Now the live-action Beauty and the Beast has the challenge of living up to that lovely town bookshop moment, Belle reading to the sheep, and, of course, the reveal of the Beast”s awe-inspiring personal library.

Disney, I”m sure, is saving the unveiling of their live-action version of that library for their own big reveal. But we got a little tease of the new movie”s nods to Belle”s love of books in a sneak peek video that went online today.

The video gives us a brief glimpse at a table read with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Watson”s Belle discovers Stevens” Beast reading, and the two have a bit of a difference of opinion about whether or not his book of King Arthur stories is a romance. It”s a sweet moment that I hope makes it into the completed movie. And an appropriate choice of book to include here, as the early 1800s (when both the animated and live-action Beauty and the Beast films appear to be set, albeit in France, in a fantastical world) saw renewed interest in the legends of King Arthur.

Check it out in the video below: