Ben Affleck teases a film future for Deathstroke

With the stroke of a pen (ok, a Twitter post) Ben Affleck just put the superhero movie world on notice.

Out of nowhere, the actor, and current Batman, posted what looks to be test footage of the DC villain Deathstroke looking like a very bad man. The nearly 30-second video shows the character walking to the camera, stopping and then glaring menacingly. Affleck offered no comments with the Tweet, leaving viewers to use their imagination.

The Oscar-winner is slated to direct the next Batman movie and he”s also in the upcoming Justice League flick. Which film Deathstroke could be in (or perhaps both?), that”s unclear at this time. That said, Justice League is currently filming, so it seems like not that big of a stretch to think this could be his destination.

Deathstroke has a curious history, or lack thereof, in the DC movie world. There were many rumors that he would be part of Suicide Squad and that Scott Eastwood would play him. As we all know by now, those all turned out to not be true. On TV, Deathstroke”s been a lot more active, with Manu Bennett playing the character on more than 30 episodes of Arrow.

But let the rumor mill get rolling again. Check out the video below…