Benedict Cumberbatch is the world’s dapperest hobo in first ‘Doctor Strange’ photos

“Doctor Strange” is currently filming on location in Kathmandu, Nepal. We know this because they”re shooting outdoor scenes and this is the 21st century, which means a smorgasbord of cell phone snaps are being taken of Benedict Cumberbatch.

From the looks of things, Strange has been away from the USA and his medical practice for a while. In the original comic, the good Doctor goes on a quest to Tibet in search of a miracle to fix his hands after a horrific accident. What good is a surgeon without his hands? With Tibet being controversial to the coveted Chinese market, will Marvel replace it with Nepal? Only time will tell.

But for now? On to the photos!

The first image is of Cumberbatch”s full look. Dressed like anyone backpacking across Asia, he has the harried look of a tourist who”s been on the trail too long.


Another angle shows that Doctor Strange came prepared. He”s got his weather-proof hoodie and practical boots. If he”s searching for the Ancient One, at least he”s dressed the part.

Filming in Nepal combined with layers and layers of clothing leads me to believe Cumberbatch is headed towards the Himalayan Mountains and the home of the Ancient One aka Tilda Swinton.


And here”s an up close and personal shot of Doctor Strange”s scruff because why not? Will Cumberbatch trimmed this down to the iconic goatee after he begins his training?


“Doctor Strange” brings mysticism to the Marvel Universe on November 4, 2016.