Best and Worst of the 2014 MTV Music Awards: Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5

Once again the MTV Video Music Awards was an awards show where the performances were more important and memorable than the statues being handed out.  Yes, it's been quite a long time since a VMA Moon Man really meant anything to anyone in the room and considering the show will celebrate its 30th anniversary next month that's somewhat depressing.  For comparison's sake, the ESPYs are only 21 years old and seem to matter much more to their sports world constituents than a VMA does to the music industry.  So, let's just focus on the show shall we?  Because, honestly, that's what MTV would really prefer we all do anyway.

The VMAs went without a host this year which probably made sense once the producers realized Beyonce was going to perform for an earth shattering 16 minutes (for a planned two-hour show that's a lot). She wasn't the only one to raise the roof of the Forum, however. Usher, Taylor Swift and a stellar opening trio made our “bests.”  The rest?  Is it terrible to say we've already forgotten 5 Seconds of Summer's set even though we think they are talented young gents?  And as for Maroon 5, we promise there is a very special entry for that “sponsored” outdoor extravaganza.

Keeping all that in mind — and the lack of big name celebrity presenters on hand from outside the music world — check out our best and worst of the 2014 VMAs in the embedded gallery at the bottom of this post.

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