Best and Worst of the 2015 SAG Awards nominations

You're always going to snub someone during awards season. It's inevitable.  Happily, however, the 2015 SAG Awards nominations didn't include as many of the head scratching nominations as we've seen in previous years.  Sure, Naomi Watts' nomination for “St. Vincent” is quizzical, at best, but we've moved on from Helen Mirren getting a lead actress nod for “Hitchcock” or Betty White's illustrious “Hot in Cleveland” run (and we love us some Betty White).

This year there were some well deserved nominees who might have been overlooked in the past (“The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Tatiana Maslany), some who are finishing up well-deserved runs (“True Detective's” Matthew McConaughey) and others whose awards run of glory is just beginning (Julianne Moore).  There are also questions on whether the SAGs voting system is unfairly skewed towards films and TV shows that send screeners (not always possible) and the continuing issue of ethnic diversity among the nominees.

Keeping that in mind, HitFix's editorial team has picked the best and worst from this year's crop of nominees.  You can check them out in the embedded gallery below.

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