Twitter Jokingly Sums Up Movie Plots With #DescribeASciFiFilmBadly

Via Universal / Twitter

Last month, people on Twitter got together to Explain A Film Plot Badly, and now they’ve followed up with a science fiction focused version of the joke with #DescribeASciFiFilmBadly. Over the weekend, people tried to summarize sci fi films within the 280 character limit on tweets, while also getting it hilariously wrong. Because sometimes, when you think about a film’s plot a little too long, you realize John Connor gave his best friend the opportunity to bang his mom, Avatar is “basically Pocahontas but with aliens,” and Back To The Future gets creepier with every rewatch.

Some people kept their descriptions short and to the point, summing up Superman, Back To The Future, The Fifth Element, Edge Of Tomorrow, The Terminator, and Jurassic Park bluntly.

And, like the picture up top, The Thing (1982) was a popular choice:

And so was The Matrix:

And Close Encounters Of The Third Kind:

But none of those were as popular as Star Wars:

And more bad descriptions were shared for E.T., Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avatar, Alien, Independence Day, and the “uncomfortably prescientIdiocracy.

And some of them were just huge spoilers for Interstellar, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Blade Runner 2049, and the entire Star Trek franchise, respectively: