A Possible List Of The Biggest Movies On Disney’s New Streaming Service, Disney+

05.24.19 4 weeks ago

Marvel Studios

Disney is about the change the streaming game.

The company has plans to launch its own service starting this November, and it’s got plenty of original content to justify its surprisingly low price point. For just $6.99, subscribers get hundreds of films, dozens of TV shows, and a handful of originals including some highly-anticipated Marvel spin-offs. With so many things to watch, we thought we’d break down the biggest movies fans can stream exclusively on Disney+.

From Marvel flicks fresh out of theaters to the entire Star Wars franchise and some animated classics that have been locked away in the Disney vault for far too long, here are all the films that make subscribing to the new service totally worth it.

Straight From Theaters


Captain Marvel
Disney’s Bob Iger confirmed that Brie Larson’s totally ’90s superhero origin film will be the first Marvel property to be moved to the streaming platform instead of being released on Netflix. The film sees Larson bring Carol Danvers, a pilot-turned-Kree-warrior, to life. Captain Marvel has a big role to play in the future of the MCU, so it makes sense Disney wants to keep the character for itself.


Toy Story 4
The Toy Story film series has been one of Disney’s most profitable (and beloved) animated franchises, so it’s a no-brainer for the studio to exclusively host the adventures of Woody, Buzz, and the rest on its streaming platform. The latest installment in the series lands in theaters this summer, so again, don’t expect to see it pop up straight away in your queue, but it should call Disney+ home within a year of the site’s launch.


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