Beyonce gets personal in new documentary clip, releases entire ‘Mine’ video

When Beyonce unexpectedly released her new self-titled album last Friday, she explained the decision in a documentary-style video, “Part 1: The Visual Album.” Now with “Part 2: Imperfection,” she reveals how being a nine-year-old contestant on “Star Search” shaped her path and inspired the song “Flawless.” Watch the clip below, plus the complete new video for her Drake collaboration “Mine.”
Queen B keeps it real as she talks about why she included Ed McMahon’s “hip-hop rapping” “Star Search” introduction and the voiceover of Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche in the song “Flawless.” She says that when her pre-Destiny”s Child group, Girls’ Tyme, lost the talent competition on “Star Search,” she learned that she couldn’t win everything — no matter how hard she worked. She ties that song’s feminist message to the themes in “Pretty Hurts,” directly addressing how her childhood desire to win robbed her of normal experiences.
In “Mine,” Beyonce and Drake duet about a couple struggling to be emotionally open. The video depicts their strife through religious symbolism, modern dance, fire and fabric. Directed by photographer Pierre Debusschere, “Mine” is the most conceptual of all 17 of Beyonce’s new videos.