Listen: Beyonce’s gorgeous ‘God Made You Beautiful’

11.22.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Still no word on when a new album from Beyonce will arrive after a number of individual songs released over the past year, but on Monday, fans will get the full-length version of “God Made You Beautiful,” a stately ballad about Beyonce and Jay Z”s daughter, Blue Ivy.

We”ll give a full review when we have more than the 1.40 here, but from what we”ve heard, it is gorgeous. Opening with a chorus of voices as if they”re descending from the heavens, the song goes into a slow jam as Beyonce rhapsodizes about how her baby “brought me back to life/you bring me back to life.”

Every new mom feels this way, but not every one can express it in music. Of course, Blue Ivy’s dad, Jay Z, beat mom to the punch with ” Glory,”  featuring Blue Ivy, which came out shortly after their tot was born.

The song will be offered as a free download to those purchasing Beyonce”s HBO documentary, “Life is But A Dream,” which comes out on DV on Nov. 25.

We”ll come back with the full song then.  In the meantime, what do you think? 

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