Beyonce’s new album: The 15 greatest gifs of all time

Beyonce surprised the world by releasing her new self-titled album last night at midnight, and the world is still in the process of exploding. There’s a lot to take in from this barrage of new songs and their accompanying music videos. And some of us? Well, our brains can only process things in terms of gifs. And so, here ere are 15 amazing moments from the videos.

1. Look, sometimes a gal just have to push some other ladies’ legs out of the way, you know?

2. Driver? Please do as I say.

3. Step one: Raise the trophy above your head…

4. Step Two: Bring it down with the force of a million angry women.

5. Sexy peekaboo?

6. Let’s all practice our pageant waves.

7. Slow it down to speed it up.

8. Dance, Beyonce, dance!

9. This is certainly one way for a lady to mark her territory. 

10. Oh… my… oh my, oh my.

11. So tortured! And so very underwater.

12. You go ahead and lick that grill.

13. This is how long it takes Beyonce to get ready.

14. She wears so many masks, you guys.

15. Jeez, Blue Ivy: don’t you ever smile?

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