Hear Beyonce’s sumptuous new song ‘God Made You Beautiful’ in full

We got 90-seconds of Beyonce”s new song, “God Made You Beautiful,” on Friday and today, we get the whole song. It”s a majestic ode to daughter Blue Ivy that is filled with a mother”s pride and wonder at her new child.

If you don”t listen to the verses at all, it”s possible to hear this as a romantic love song in the choruses, but lines like “When you were born…” or “I kissed those little feet” make it pretty clear that 

Gorgeous African chanting at the beginning and heavy percussion elevate the ballad to a stately crescendo.

Every parent acts like he or she is the first to have ever given birth and while Beyonce”s sentiments may seem over the top, she”s just a mom with a microphone and the means to get her feelings out worldwide.

She”s certainly not the first to write a song about the overwhelming rush of love that a new parent feels. She”s not even the first in her own family to do so, since Jay Z put out “Glory,” featuring Blue Ivy, within a week of her birth.

Overt songs about becoming a parent tend not to zoom up the charts, Stevie Wonder”s “Isn”t She Lovely” is certainly an exception, as was Creed”s “Arms Wide Open.”  No word of if “God Made You Beautiful” will be worked to radio, but expect for it to be a major hit with parents across the land regardless.

The song will be offered as a free download to those purchasing Beyonce”s HBO documentary, “Life is But A Dream,” which comes out on DVD today.