BFCA announces special honors for Kevin Costner, Ron Howard and Jessica Chastain

The Broadcast Film Critics Association announces nominees Monday. It will be interesting to see which way they (well, we; I'm a member) go. Unlike the other critics groups that have announced so far, the BFCA – which, it should be pointed out, isn't completely made of critics, a line increasingly blurred – is a vast organization with something like 300 members. So within that, you can get a bead on consensus. Anyway, that's Monday. For now, the organization has announced a number of special awards for the Jan. 15 ceremony.

The Lifetime Achievement Honor will go to Kevin Costner, seen on screens this year in Mike Binder's “Black or White.” A fine choice, particularly with the resurgence in films like “3 Days to Kill” and “Draft Day” as of late. Fingers crossed he saddles up to another western one of these days, as “Dances with Wolves” and particularly “Open Range” remain stellar samples from the genre.

The LOUIS XIII Critics' Choice Genius Award (yeah, sponsored by booze) will go to Ron Howard, who doesn't even have a film in release this year. Though “In the Heart of the Sea” is right around the corner. It's a nice pick and all, but I'll confess I said to BFCA president Joey Berlin at the Fox holiday party last weekend that if he really wanted to blow my skirt up, he'd give Roger Deakins his genius award. Well why not? I bet Mr. Howard, whose Oscar-winning “A Beautiful Mind” was shot by Deakins, would agree. Give a guy like that some serious air time. (No, I didn't hold my breath.)

Finally, the inaugural Critics' Choice MVP Award (eh?) will go to Jessica Chastain. Who's going to complain about giving Jessica Chastain an award? (Someone in the comments will, now that I've said that.) She's great this year in “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby,” “Interstellar” and especially “A Most Violent Year” (I haven't seen “Miss Julie.”) That made for an interesting one-two-three(-four?) punch and, ergo, a fair enough choice for the honor.

Check back early Monday when the BFCA nominees will be unveiled.

The 20th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards will take place on Thursday, Jan. 15. Yep, the day of the Oscar nominations once again.