‘Big Brother Israel’ adds a bomb shelter

07.30.14 4 years ago

“Big Brother Israel” adds a bomb shelter
The reality show is pulling in big ratings amid fighting amid the Gaza conflict.

Why not cast everybody from “Girls” on “Peter Pan Live”?
Lena Dunham could play Wendy, Adam Driver could be John Darling. PLUS: Watch clips of Allison Williams singing.

“SVU's” Richard Belzer is mourning the loss of his older brother, who jumped to his death early this morning
Leonard Belzer, 73, died early this morning after jumping from the 15th floor of his Upper West Side apartment.

After raising $4.3 trillion to buy CNN, Jon Stewart launches a  #NewCNNShows Twitter hashtag
Last night, “The Daily Show” looked back at 15 years of bashing CNN.

Stephen Colbert buys the URL TheSarahPalinChannel.com
The URL will be home to Colbert”s new online channel, “Stephen Colbert”s Angry Echo Chamber.”

Seth Meyers' younger brother will be a “Late Night” guest on Monday
Seth is best friends with younger brother Josh, who is a “MADtv” alum.

“Nathan For You” lived up to the hype with Dumb Starbucks
Turns out there were many layers to it than the actual store.

Chelsea Handler is setting up a “Clique of Powerful Women”
As she prepares to go to Netflix, the “Chelsea Lately” star has become best buds with A-listers Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Katie Couric says goodbye today to “Katie”
Couric will say goodbye to her daytime talk show with a special “Farewell to Katie” episode.

“Ted” from “HIMYM” enters his 40s
Happy birthday, Josh Radnor!

On “Sons of Anarchy” set, Lea Michele is apparently smoking with “Gemma”
Check her out as truck stop waitress Gertie.

“Twin Peaks” gets mashed up with The Muppets
Check out Kermit the Frog as Agent Cooper and Miss Piggy as Laura Palmer in honor of the Blu-ray release. PLUS: 11 shows that owe a debt to “Twin Peaks.”

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