‘Big Brother’ makes history. Nicole is the first female winner…

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… to beat a man in the Final 2. Hey, it's still impressive. In the history of Big Brother, no woman has gone up against a man in the finals and won. Until Nicole, women – there hasn't been a female winner in five years – have only won by beating another woman at the end. 

Nicole went up against the rambunctious Paul,a new player,  who had the rare ability talk his way out of trouble for most of the season. But Nicole, a returnee,  quietly hid behind her numbers, stood by her “showmance” Corey, and stepped up her game at just the right time. She also manipulated Paul into making a $450,000 thousand dollar mistake when Paul chose to take her to the end instead of the charming but lackluster James, who Paul surely would have beaten. Some say Paul played a better overall game. I tend to disagree. I think Nicole was less flashy than Paul but more adept at swaying the house with a subtle suggestions, gentle nudging, and simply having the right words at the right time. 

Nicole deserves the win. Here's to Nicole! Forever may she reign!  


P.S. Big Brother prize money should be five million dollars. Thank you.