Bill Murray plans to sing Christmas carols in his own holiday TV special

Bill Murray plans to sing Christmas carols in his own holiday TV special
The project, which is still in the developmental stages, would involve Sofia Coppola, who directed Murray in “Lost in Translation.” “It”s not going to be live,” Murray tells Variety. “We”re going to do it like a little movie. It won”t have a format, but it”s going to have music. It will have texture. It will have threads through it that are writing. There will be prose.”

“Monster-in-Law” is set to become a Fox sitcom
the 2005 film starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda is being remade for TV.

You”ll have to re-watch “Breaking Bad” to appreciate “Better Call Saul”
That”s according to the president of Sony Pictures Television: “I won't spill the beans too much, but it is going to force you to go back and check out things that happened in Breaking Bad to make sure you were clear about what you saw back then.”

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Amy Poehler: Louis CK was my “relationship sponsor” during my divorce
In her memoir, “Yes Please,” Poehler describes her “sad” split from Will Arnett. “”Imagine spreading everything you care about on a blanket and then tossing the whole thing up in the air,” she writes. “The process of divorce is about loading up that blanket, throwing it up, watching it all spin, and worrying what stuff will break when it lands.”

“The Walking Dead” piracy hits an all-time high
The Season 5 premiere was downloaded 1.27 million times, according to piracy tracking firm Excipio.

Stephen Collins” estranged wife claims he used his “7th Heaven” fame to molest children
Faye Grant says parents were comfortable with his Reverend Eric Camden persona.

CW planning a drama about Charles Darwin
“Unnatural Selection” would explore the evolution theorist and Captain Robert FitzRoy's journey through the Amazon.

“OITNB” creator isn”t happy with “Transparent” creator”s “Trans-Affirmative Action” plan
“Transparent” creator Jill Soloway butted heads with “Orange Is the New Black”s” Jenji Kohan at the New Yorker Festival over the weekend over Soloway”s plan to train somebody who”s transgender to be a writer so that there will be a trans voice on her writing staff. Soloway says she couldn't find a transgender writer.

Carol has emerged as “The Walking Dead”s” most fascinating and formidable character
Rick Grimes is no longer the hero of the zombie apocalypse. PLUS: There was 1 flaw in the season premiere, and the premiere ripped up the TV rulebook.

Seth Rogen: I confronted the guy who canceled “Freaks and Geeks” backstage at “SNL”
Rogen was backstage at “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend when, he says, “I overheard someone say the name of the guy who canceled 'Freaks and Geeks.' I know his name, obviously, because we've talked about how stupid he is for the last 15 years.”

Jon Lovitz on Jan Hooks: “We always thought of her as like the female Phil Hartman”
Lovitz, who co-starred on “SNL” with Hooks for four seasons, says: “She could play anything and do anything, and she was a great actress. A great comedic actress.”

“Parenthood”s” Monica Potter to star in an NBC comedy pilot from Ellen DeGeneres
Details aren”t being revealed, but it is said that it”ll be based on Potter”s life.

TBS has posted “American Dad's” season premiere on YouTube
Watch the episode, titled “Blonde Ambition” right now.

“The Dovekeepers” adds Sam Neill
He”ll play Josephus, the somewhat controversial first-century Jewish scholar and historian in the miniseries based on Alice Hoffman”s novel.

Natalie Dormer says her “Game of Thrones” wedding to 12-year-old Tommen will be “very awkward”
“Margaery is just trying to play the next, you know, round of cards with the ones she's been dealt, so it's a particularly awkward situation for her, and young Tommen as well, so she's just trying to befriend the kid,” she says.

“24” alum Skye McCole Bartusiak died of a drug overdose
Bartusiak, who died at 21 in July and who appeared on “24”s” 2nd season, “died from an accidental mix of pain killers and muscle relaxers … and it looks like she may also have been huffing,” according to TMZ.

“Jane the Virgin”: The most charming new series of the fall
The CW telenovela is the best reason to watch the netlet in years, says Willa Paskin, who adds that it”s “a highly stylized, big-hearted, zippy Technicolor dramedy that is also, uncloyingly, another example of network TV”s growing-at least for the moment-diversity.” PLUS: In the wrong hands, it could”ve been a clunky disaster, it manages to find an emotional way to connect with the audience even through all the impossibility, Gina Rodriguez nails each challenge, it is miraculously good, and Rodriguez says: “God gave me this really awesome opportunity.”