Billy Baldwin joining, Minka Kelly returning to ‘Parenthood’

07.28.10 8 years ago 3 Comments
NBC’s “Parenthood” could already fill a small commuter plane with what has to be one of the largest (and best) regular ensemble casts on television, but that doesn’t mean that the second year family dramedy can’t still find room for more guest stars on the call sheet.
On Tuesday (July 27), the “Parenthood” creative team revealed to a visiting cadre of reporters from the Television Critics Association that Billy Baldwin is joining the cast for this season in a recurring role as Adam Braverman’s (Peter Krause) boss.
HitFix caught up with executive producer and regular series director Lawrence Trilling after the panel to get a little more information about NBC’s acquisition of a second Baldwin.
“We’re very excited to have Billy,” Trilling says. “He plays Adam’s boss and he eventually becomes potentially a love interest for Sarah [Lauren Graham] and so we needed somebody who had both the kind of comedic chops and the stature that could stand up to a Lauren Graham and a Peter Krause, to be able to go toe-to-toe with them and potential even be intimidating to them. We thought it was a nice piece of casting because he’s kind of a rough-around-the-edges, funny, vulnerable, kind of larger-than-life character in this boss.”
Baldwin was most recently seen on The CW’s “Gossip Girl.” Before that, he was a regular on ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money,” a show that also featured Krause.
“That helped a lot because they have a relationship. They like each other. They’re friends,” Trilling explains. “The idea is that Adam’s character is the beleaguered one who has to take care of the day-to-day stuff while the boss gets to be the visionary and then go on his yacht. So he’s the one having all the fun while Adam’s the one making everything work. That contrast will be really fun to play as a comedic team.”
Baldwin is expected to appear in at least eight or nine episodes in the first half of the season.
How will his storyline be integrated in the myriad other dramas dominating the Braverman clan?
“As it is, we struggle to find enough for these amazing actors to do, so it’s always a challenge to say, ‘Hey, now there’s real estate that’s going to someone else,'” Trilling acknowledges. “But we do have a remarkable amount of generosity in this cast, because they realize, they go, ‘I’m gonna get mine, too.’ So for Lauren and Peter, they get to work with Billy Baldwin. And it’s not only for Billy, it’s fodder for them as well, stuff for Peter and Lauren to play. It energizes. It’s a net positive to bring new blood in, whether it’s Billy Baldwin or Minka Kelly.”
Wait a second. So Minka Kelly will be back after multiple Season One episodes as helpful (and sexy) therapist Gaby?
“She’s going to come back in a significant way this season. She’s going to be working with Max and getting involved with the family and developing a friendship with Crosby. She’s going to be playing a significant role for us this season.”
“Parenthood” kicks off its second season on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

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