‘Billy on the Street’ Returns Tonight: Here’s Its Best Clip!

Billy Eichner, the host of Fuse's street-side game show “Billy on the Street,” returns tonight to kick off a third season of angry, screamy pop culture games. The volatile host has welcomed such celebrity guests as Pink, Will Ferrell, and Zachary Quinto, but in season 3 he'll be adding Olivia Wilde, Neil Patrick Harris, and Lindsay Lohan as famous friends. It's a hysterical series where everyday people are scared witless because a grown gay man is hollering in their faces about the career of Hilary Swank. It is heaven, and for some reason it is still not required viewings in classrooms across America. What can't Channel 1 pick this up?

But a bigger question remains: What is the show's greatest moment to date?

My vote: That time he invited pal Rachel Dratch to conquer the “Julia Robstacle course” where the “SNL” actress had to accomplish such tasks as locating an Oscar in Erin Brockovich's polluted water, finding her “Valentine's Day” paycheck “in a pile of sh*t,” and writing a nice note to Emma Roberts. I am currently re-watching this and crying. And not just because I'm remembering the juice scene from “Steel Magnolias.” 

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