Bitey Fish Will Be Back: Sequel to ‘Piranha 3D’ announced

08.23.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

In a move that may seem a tad contrived, Dimension Films has announced today they will be making sequel to bitey fish movie “Piranha 3D“. The Film opened in 6th  place for the weekend, making a little over ten million dollars, about half of its stated production budget of 24 million. But this was apparently enough to announce a sequel.

The reviews have been strong, and I’m sure the producers see it making its money back, especially once it opens internationaly.The announcement should fuel talk of movies with similar opening weekends, like say, Scott Pilgrim, and the miracle of well managed expectations.

For me it’s great to see a full-on genre pic that wore its gore and zaniness as a badge of honor in all its publicity.  I have not seen it yet so I cannot speculate as to any returning stars or the storyline. I hold the original in a special place in my heart, as I do most New World Pictures.

If I recall correctly the sequel to the original involved flying piranhas, which I’m sure would be lots of fun in 3D. Hey, maybe they can get James Cameron to come back and direct it again? Talk about things coming full circle!

Watch a clip of “Piranha 3D,” currently in theaters, below to get a taste of all this excitement. No date was announced for the sequel.

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