Bjork’s 21 Proudest Achievements

01.20.15 4 years ago

Bjork decided we were done waiting and dropped off her new album “Vulnicura” a few months early on iTunes today. The tracks are allegedly being made available throughout the day, and the disc version of the album will still arrive in stores in March. Let's celebrate by remembering her 21 greatest accomplishments.

1. Surviving a bear attack. (The bear tried to run her over with a car.)

2. Turning into a bear

3. Turning into blobs

4. Beating up a gorilla dentist and driving a fortress-sized truck to an art museum, which she then blew up.

5. Becoming a Bjork within a Bjork within a Bjork

6. Decapitated by cartoon fish

7. Bringing a mailbox to life with dance

8. Turning a flatbed truck into a one-woman party

9. Being the world's first robot porn star

10. Making friends with jellyfish

11. Cooking an egg

12. Water

13. Colors

14. String

15. Mastering the stomach harp

16. Flirting with reptiles

17. Fighting river monsters

18. Ring ring ring!

19. Cutting her own bangs

20. Capturing the formation of the Earth on tape

21. Outweirding Thom Yorke

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