The Black Keys ‘Weight of Love’ video: Sexiest cult ever

The Black Keys' new music video for “Weight of Love” features not just a cult, but the most beautiful cult in the land.

It's a all-female cult led by supermodel Lara Stone, featuring subdued activities that keeps the white-clad model cult members active without delving into the realm of actual “fun,” like braiding hair, topless laundry, jumping jacks, bowing down and shucking corn. Mother Stone gets all aggro in a girl's face and is, like, thisclose to kissing her, too. It's basically a teen boy's half-formed wet dream set to an extended Nautica commercial, with Black Keys' Dan Auerbach's visage from their “Fever” video on the endcaps.

So maybe it Auerbach's dream? Hm. Theo Wenner, who directed the clip, also helmed “Fever,” so maybe they're branding a new religion. Auerbach recently produced Lana Del Rey's new album, so I half expected her to be in this somber, sunlit mix.

“Weight of Love” has a nasty guitar solo and a long instrumental intro, one of the stronger tunes off of The Black Keys' latest album “Turn Blue.”

Weight of Love from Theo Wenner on Vimeo.