The Billion Dollar Barrier Is The Latest Box Office Milestone To Be Smashed By ‘Black Panther’


The legions of fans that sprang for advance tickets already knew Black Panther was going to be an absolute goliath at the box office and every milestone that’s been smashed by the Marvel offering confirms that this motion picture is something special. Black Panther‘s latest achievement? Cracking the billion-dollar barrier.

The Hollywood Reporter reports (from Hollywood) that Black Panther is now the 33rd film in history to rake in over $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales. Even more impressive? At some point this weekend, Black Panther‘s North American box office total is set to knock The Dark Knight from its perch as the continent’s second-highest grossing superhero movie ever. (The Avengers still holds top spot at the moment.) Considering that Black Panther‘s only been in theaters for 26 days, that’s one hell of a feat.

Black Panther‘s big fat box office total hasn’t gone unnoticed, nor should it. Ryan Coogler’s superhero picture and alternate universe Wakanda tourism ad has enjoyed glowing reviews and is just the latest film to shatter ridiculous myths about how audiences domestic and abroad react to movies starring minorities as the heroes and creative minds at work. To dismiss where audiences are laying down their dollars isn’t just ignorant, it’s plain ol’ bad business sense. Marvel’s readying plans for a sequel, so place your Black Panther 2 box office bets now.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)