A Deleted Scene From ‘Black Panther’ Shows How Wakanda Was Torn Apart By Killmonger’s Ritual Combat Against T’Challa

Who knew Danai Gurira Okoye and Daniel Kaluuya’s M’Kabi were married? There was tension between them in Black Panther‘s theatrical release, but it was never overtly spelled out that they were a couple. It turns out that they are, and they had a major conflict over Killmonger’s claim to the throne, and his ritual combat against T’Challa.

This revelation comes from USA Today, that got their hands on an exclusive deleted scene ahead of Black Panther‘s bluray release on May 15. It seems like the movie just came out, but now we’ll be able to devour it again, this time with additional deleted scenes, dives into Wakanda’s history and tech, and most importantly, a director’s commentary by Ryan Coogler.

In these post-Infinity War times, it’s going to be nice to sit back and be absorbed into simpler times that actually weren’t so simple. Back when Wakanda was about to reveal itself to the world, and make things better. Now everyone is just… Well, you probably know. And if not — spoilers.
(Via Collider)