‘Black Swan,’ ‘Inception’ and ‘True Grit’ among Cinematographers Guild nominees

The American Society of Cinematographers announced the nominees for the 25th Annual ASC Awards tonight and two familiar names were joined by three newcomers to the honors.

This year’s nominees include “Black Swan’s” Matthew Libatique, ASC, “Inception’s” Wally Pfister, ASC, “The King’s Speech’s” Danny Cohen, BSC, “The Social Network’s” Jeff Cronenweth, ASC, and “True Grit’s” Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC.

Libatique, Cohen and Cornenweth are all first time nominees.  Pfister was previously nominated for “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” but has never won the ASC from his peers or an Academy Award.  Deakins, who is also being honored with this year’s ASC Lifetime Achievement Award, has been nominated nine times and won twice for “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Man Who Wasn’t There.”  Stunningly, Deakins has never won an Academy Award even after being nominated eight times.  That just might make him the sentimental favorite all around this season.

The winner of the outstanding feature film cinematography award will be announced at the ASC Awards celebration at the Hollywood and Highland Grand Ballroom on February 13.