Bob Dylan unveils amazing interactive video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone’

Bob Dylan’s 1965 “Like a Rolling Stone” has received countless accolades over the past 48 years — Rolling Stone (the magazine) once named it the Great Rock Song of All Time — and now it has one of the best videos in recent memory.

Although the endlessly inventive troubadour helped pioneer the music video in the 1967 documentary “Don’t Look Back,” Dylan never really embraced MTV or music video culture in the ’80s and ’90s. 
However, for “Rolling Stone,” Dylan has gone interactive in a way that’s sure to make your day. Directed by Vania Heymann and crated by the marketing company Interlude, the video simulates a late-night channel surfing binge, where all the shows’ stars are singing “Rolling Stone’s” vitriolic lyrics right at you. How does it feel?

By using your up and down keys to simulate a late night remote control daze, you can control who lipsyncs to the iconic song in the video by changing channels. 

Choose from “Price is Right” host Drew Carey, dirty Detroit rapper Danny Brown, tennis pros, animated cats, Marc Maron, the “Pawn Stars” guys, or various other TV personalities to belt out immortal lines like “He’s not selling any alibis/When you stare into the vacuum of his eyes” or endlessly sneer “How does it feel?” 
Even Bob himself can be seen crooning along while onstage in a vintage clip (channel 121). 
Interact with it below and tell us, How does it feel?

Dylan’s “The Complete Album Collection Volume 1” — featuring no less than 43 CDs — is now available.