Bobby Cannavale on Al Pacino’s legend and Rose Byrne’s best performance

If you saw Bobby Cannavale's performance as the tempestuous Chili in “Blue Jasmine,” you're aware he's capable of dwarfing venerable screen legends (Cate Blanchett, in that case) with a bit of well-timed rage. In “Danny Collins” he achieves the same feat again, playing the estranged and unamused son of a washed-up rocker (Al Pacino). Judging by their gripping adversarial relationship in the movie, it's no surprise the two actors were so dynamic in a Broadway revival of “Glengarry Glen Ross” a couple years ago. 

We caught up with Cannavale to discuss his most harrowing work on film to date, the joy of working with Al Pacino on “Danny Collins,” and his favorite performance by girlfriend Rose Byrne. 

“Danny Collins” opens March 20.