‘Bob’s Burgers’ star John Roberts on the Emmy win and finding Linda’s voice

John Roberts and I will always have our first “Bob's Burgers” interview as a memorable shared experience.

Before the show premiered, I sat down with Roberts, Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal about their yet-to-premiered FOX animated comedy “Bob's Burgers.” I'd only seen a cut-down of the pilot, but that was OK. I asked a couple questions, but mostly I was superfluous. The three stars just went off on a series of monologues that presaged the deranged brilliance of the show itself and also include a new musical theme song for HitFix.

That's probably why when John Roberts sat down with me a couple weeks ago, he looked at the HitFix microphone, looked at me and immediately acknowledged our shared history.

Of course, the Roberts/Mirman/Schaal grouping was a unique alchemy and left to his own devices, Roberts isn't nearly as manic, which is OK. He's got the show to speak for him.

And “Bob's Burgers” is coming off its first animated series Emmy win, which very few people expected, including the people associated with “Bob's Burgers.”

Roberts and I discussed that Emmy win, as well as FOX's support what what is a well-loved, but low-rated series.

“We're a quality show, which is good for FOX,” Roberts deadpans.

We also talked about Roberts' favorite  “Bob's Burgers” guests, the ease of snapping into Linda's voice after all these seasons and more. 

As Sepinwall and I mentioned in our latest podcast, the “Bob's Burgers” premiere is just terrific. It airs Sunday night on FOX.

Check out the interview above.