Bono’s bicycling injuries were pretty terrible: Band postpones Fallon residency

11.19.14 5 years ago

U2 originally scheduled a residency on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” for all of this week, but the band had to postpone due to Bono having gotten into a bicycle wreck and injuring his arm on Sunday.

What you may not have known is how serious his accident was.

According Rolling Stone's interviews with doctors from the New York hospital where the U2 frontman was treated, his accident was described as a “high energy bike accident” in an effort to avoid hitting another rider in Central Park; it required five hours of surgery thereafter.

Bono “suffered numerous serious injuries, including a 'facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye,' three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade and a fracture of his left humerus bone in his upper arm.” His arm shattered in six different places and tore through his skin, and the injuries necessitated three metal plates and 18 screws in emergency surgery.

His doctor indicated that he'll require “intensive and progressive” therapy to recover.

U2 recently released their album “Songs of Innocence” at first exclusively for free via iTunes, then wide last month. The band had indicated they would tour as soon as 2015, but this incident may put a damper on any current plans.

In the meantime, their “Fallon” stint is merely postponed; the show host and house band The Roots played U2's “Desire” in the band's stead on Monday.

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