Box Office: Adam Sandler’s ‘That’s My Boy’ bombs as ‘Madagascar 3’ remains no. 1

It goes without saying that it wasn’t a good weekend for Adam Sandler or Tom Cruise. Moreover, the same could be said for Andy Samberg and director Adam Shankman.

Clearly the biggest bomb of the summer so far, Sandler and Samberg’s “That’s My Boy” opened to just $13 million weekend and a fifth place finish.  Once in the Will Smith category for a guaranteed $100 million grosser, this is Sandler’s second misfire in a row after last November’s “Jack and Jill” barely hit $76 million. It’s also the worst opening for a wide Sandler opener since “Spanglish” in 2004. 

“Boy” is Sandler’s first R-rated feature since Judd Apatow’s “Funny People,” but Sony Pictures believed Sandler’s audience would be unaffected by it. Although it’s clear they knew their marketing materials were not resonating with moviegoers.  The TV campaign shifted midstream to focus more on co-star Andy Samberg’s character.  More recently, the studio has run TV spots trying to make the film seem like a party comedy in the vein of “Project X” so it would appeal to younger males. Clearly, none of the marketing could overcome the tepid interest and largely negative reviews.  “Boy” has just a 30 grade on Metacritic and a 23% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.

Warner Bros. situation with “Rock of Ages” is almost as dire.  The Adam Shankman directed movie musical cost a reported $90 million, but found $15 million for the weekend assuming the estimate holds on Monday.  While technically an ensemble, Tom Cruise is the headliner in “Ages” and the jukebox musical appears as though it will be one of his worst openers. Even the disappointing “Knight and Day” found $20 million two years ago.  Warner Bros.’s will have to hope “Ages” can play like the former did overseas and help make up for the loss stateside.  For Shankman, best known to many for his years judging “So You Think You Can Dance,” it’s the filmmakers worst opening since 2005’s “Cheaper by the Dozen 2.”

Still holding on to the top slot is DreamWorks Animation’s hit “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.” The CG animated flick pulled in another $35.5 for a superb $120.4 million in just 10 days.  The threequel only dropped 41% from its opening weekend and it has the family market all to itself until “Brave” opens on Friday.

Also remaining in second place is Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” with another $20.2 million and $88.8 million also in just eight days. Unlike “Madgascar 3,” however, “Prometheus” has a big 60% drop.  20th Century Fox may have to be satisfied with just crossing the $100 million mark in the U.S. on this one. 

“Snow White and the Huntsman” rounded out the top five in fourth with $13.8 million for the weekend and $122.6 million so far overall.

New films opening this Fiiday include the aforementioned “Brave,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.”

Box office actuals are released on Monday.

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