Box Office: Like father, like son as Jaden Smith’s ‘The Karate Kid’ opens to $56 million

06.13.10 9 years ago

Will Smith has been the king of the box office for sometime.  Even Johnny Depp can’t compete with Big Willie’s track record which includes only one under $100 million hit since 2002.  However, Smith might need to watch out for the kid in the back of his car, as his son Jaden Smith just delivered the summer’s first break out hit, “The Karate Kid”

Produced by Smith and starring his son and Jackie Chan, the remake of the 1984 classic pulled in an astonishing $56 million for the weekend.  What’s more impressive is that with a budget of just $40 million, the “Kid” is looking like a major profit center for Sony Pictures even before International revenue comes in to play (and it’s worth noting Chan does big business still in Asia). After such a buzzworthy opening, however, The more intriguing question is how the film will perform with the mega-“Toy Story 3” opening next Friday or whether “Toy” will take an immediate hit from the “Kid” buzz.

Second place went to 20th Century Fox’s “The A-Team” which did less than anticipated with just $26 million.  That’s a tad under industry polling which expected a $30-35 million debut.  Reviews were harsher than many expected, could that have caused a dent in “A-Team’s” grosses?  Or, did “Karate Kid” skew broader than Fox had anticipated?  Needless to say, “A-Team” may not be the new franchise Fox was hoping for.

Still trucking along in third was for No. 1 champ “Shrek Forever After” with another $15.8 million and a new total of $210.1 million.  It should reach $240-250 million when all is said and done.

“Get Him to the Greek” followed with a solid $10.1 million and a new cume of $36.5 million.  The Russell Brand/Jonah Hill comedy should finish in the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” range of $63 million.  

Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher probably want to forget about “Killers.” The action comedy brought in another $8.1 million for a new total of just $30.6 million.
  It will be lucky to hit $50 million by the time its run is over.

Weekend actuals are released by each studio on Monday.

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