Box office: ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ scares up $8 million in midnight showings

Audiences showed that they love screaming “bloody murder,” as “Paranormal Activity 3” scared up a stellar $8 million on Thursday night-Friday morning in midnight screenings. It’s the second-highest midnight gross for an R-rated movie ever, behind only this May’s massive opener “The Hangover, Part II,” which earned $10 million. 

“Paranormal” allegedly only cost about $5 million, so it will likely already be turning a profit for Paramount sometime today (half of ticket sales go to studio).

The film is also opening well in foreign territories, including France, Russia, and Australia. It’s outpacing “Paranormal Activity 2” in all those countries.

The previous “Paranormal Activity” installment made around $6.3 million at Midnight, eventually opening with $40 million last year on its way to a domestic gross of $84 million.