Brad Bird’s new ‘Tomorrowland’ trailer puts the emphasis on action

Based on this new trailer, it looks like almost every shot we've seen so far from Brad Bird's “Tomorrowland” is from the first third of the movie.

Either that, or it's a very short movie.

Of all of the summer blockbusters, this is the one I know the least about. There's been a cone of silence over their post-production that has been genuinely impressive. I haven't heard anything about screenings. I haven't heard from anyone who's seen it. I haven't heard a peep, and this late in the process, that is enormously rare.

The new trailer for the film that was just released is fun, and I'm certainly excited to see the movie. But I still feel like they're holding back, and I'm curious why. This new trailer makes it clear that whoever the mysterious figures are who are chasing the main characters, they're not human, and Bird seems to have some real fun with ways he can destroy robots.

If you end up seeing “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” in IMAX, you're going to see a specially-prepared six-minute “Tomorrowland” feature hosted by Brad Bird. It will feature exclusive footage, and you will only be able to see it in the IMAX venues.

Right now, I'm finishing up “Jurassic Park” as the book I read to the boys at bedtime, because nothing soothes little boys as they go to sleep quite like graphic descriptions of dinosaur attacks. As soon as that's done, though, we go straight into “Before Tomorrowland,” the novel by Jeff Jensen which sets up this world and which digs deep into the history that Bird, Jensen, and Damon Lindelof came up with for this movie.

I'm just excited to get a new Brad Bird movie, whatever it is.

“Tomorrowland” arrives in theaters May 27, 2015.