Watch: Britney Spears and her kids star with Smurfs in ‘Oh La La’ video

“Mom, what’s an ‘oh la la?'”

“It’s a fun activity, or fun activity partner.”

“So when you tell me and Jayden to ‘Come with me and be my oh la la,’ you mean you want a play-date?”

“Yup. Absolutely.”

“And so when you sing that you want to ‘go all night,’ that means you want to dance or braid Smurfette’s hair or catch frogs all night long?”

“Bingo, kid. Let’s go to the movies.”

And therein lies the rub, when you have a sex icon singing a song with double meaning for a children’s film and TV franchise, and the video features her actual kids (Preston and Jayden Federline). There’s a lot going on here.

Britney Spears’ “Oh La La” was recorded for forthcoming kids film “Smurfs 2”; watch the video above for clips from the movie and Spears’ mugging. I especially like that she was given the instruction to move no more than six inches on either side for the green screen, so as not to crush Smurfs, or intimate that she — at one time — knew how to dance.