Bugs Bunny Invades DC In This Week’s Best New Comics

06.14.17 2 years ago

The Legion of Super Heroes Bugs Bunny Special (DC Comics) clearly exists, in part, because of “corporate synergy” and “#brands” and all that other tiresome stuff that, like it or not, is part and parcel of comics companies owned by vast entertainment conglomerates, just like the Punisher becoming a college football fan. But, fortunately, Sam Humphries, Tom Grummet and Karl Kesel are here to make sense of the idea and, amazingly, it works!

To be fair, it works in part because Humphries channels his inner Keith Giffen, writing a smart-assed parody of DC’s future teen heroes in the Legion where the editor gets in a fist-fight with the writer via captions about halfway though the book. But Humphries smartly mixes both the classic Silver Age soap opera of the Legion and a classic Bugs Bunny plot: Bugs is accidentally kidnapped to the future and is a wee bit upset at the Legion for doing it.

Helping matters considerably are Grummett and Kesel, long-time comic book art veterans most notable for their work on Superman. Grummett and Kesel manage to make Bugs fit into Curt Swan’s classic depiction of the Legion, no mean artistic feat, and also give the book a hilariously deadpan feel. They simply let the inherent absurdity of the concept carry the humor, bar one or two panels where things get a wee bit, ah, dramatic.

Is there much of a point to this crossover, beyond marketing? Nah. But what could be a clumsy plug is instead a well-considered and refreshing bit of comedy right when comics could use it, and it’s more than welcome.

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