‘Cake’ Trailer: Jennifer Aniston Goes Anti-Glam Just in Time for Oscar Season

Jennifer Aniston famously de-glammed herself for the role of a disheveled pill-popper suffering from post-traumatic stress in the darkly comic “Cake,” and now viewers can get a look at the final result in the film's first trailer.

The film's new trailer highlights Aniston's performance, which has been acclaimed on the fest circuit, despite mixed reviews for the film itself. 

With an Oscar-qualifying run scheduled for next month, Aniston is clearly aiming for awards buzz here, and it helps that she's surrounded by a sterling cast loaded with Oscar nominees like Adriana Barraza, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, and Anna Kendrick, with Sam Worthington (“Avatar”) also thrown in for good measure. Daniel Barnz (“Won't Back Down”) directed.

Watch the trailer here:

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“Cake” will open in New York on January 13, before expanding wider.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston has a shot at an Oscar nomination?