‘Sherlock’ and ‘Friends’ get Funko Pop! Vinyl figures

How you doin”, “Friends” and “Sherlock” fans? You must be doin” pretty darn well “cause today is a good day for your fandom: Your favorite characters just got Pop! Vinyl-ed.

It seems like just about every TV show and movie with a decent following has gotten a tribute from Funko. But there are a few holes in their popular toy line. One of those holes was filled when EW.com unveiled the first look at the “Friends” figurines today. And last week “Sherlock” characters finally got their Pop! Vinyls.

“These figures are better when they”re crazy-looking,” Funko CEO Brian Mariotti told EW. “Everyone on [‘Friends”] is just really good-looking, so we needed to get the details just right. We had to add that extra level of ‘Friends”-ness. I know, that”s not even a word.”

There are indeed some fun details on these figures, from Rachel”s iconic “do to Phoebe”s rings to even the inclusion of the duck, the chick and Marcel. (It”s interesting to note that each of the “Friends” ladies here are depicted with their hobbies/jobs, and the guys are set apart with their pets.)

Check out photos of the “Friends” Pop! Vinyls below, and keep scrolling down for the “Sherlock” figures.

“Sherlock” fans, you get not one but two Pop! figures for your beloved British sleuth. Funko made a Sherlock Holmes figure with his recognizable blue scarf-tweed coat-leather gloves ensemble, and there”s also Sherlock with his violin.

And here is Watson, Moriarty, Mycroft and Irene Adler.

The “Sherlock” Pop! Vinyl figures will be available in October. 

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