Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding go ‘Outside’ in new song

10.20.14 5 years ago

Somebody take that one particular synth away from Calvin Harris.

I love Ellie Goulding, and I actually really rather like two of the new cuts from his forthcoming album “Motion”: “Slow Acid” is really exactly what you think it is, and John Newman is a good match on DJ Harris' “Blame.”

But at around 0:41 on “Outside,” the fifth song to be released from “Motion,” Harris is selling cars. And entrance to a Six Flags. Its the generic floor bobber that will be instantly forgotten but can be synched a hundred way to Tuesday and rehashed for a thousand televised sports game bumpers.

Previously, he and Goulding worked on similarly minded “I Need Your Love,” with that same video gamer feel, but at least vocal line had something to do. Here's, she's wasting away.

“Motion” is out on Nov. 4.

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