Can Scarlett Johannson sell us on ‘Ghost in the Shell?’

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Paramount has released five short (very short) teasers for Ghost in the Shell and here they are, collected together. So what do we think?  

I'm a sci-fi comic book lover, but I have very little knowledge of manga. I can't claim any expertise on this one. Here's what I know:  Scarlett Johannson is a weird choice to play the lead because the lead is Asian. It's a case of Hollywood whitewashing. I'm sure the way the money people saw it, no Scarlett Johannson, no movie. They couldn't finance this thing without her. Or you could, but the budget would have to be so low, it wouldn't be worth it. To be clear, there's a lack of imagination in that equation. But the movie's been made, and I do like Scarlett Johannson, especially since her choices have gotten more interesting over the last few years (Under the Skin, anyone?), so let's examine what we have. 

The teaser trailer is a bit too vague to really judge. Scarlett Johannson wears a slightly unconvincing wig. Did whatever machine she was plugged into force her to wear a non-flattering hairstyle? How cruel is that! 

We see a couple people walking down a corridor very slowly and warily. No one is in a hurry in these hallways. One person says, “This is just the beginning.” Thank you, that's very enigmatic of you, kind sir. Scarlett Johannson touches a woman's face, and the woman responds with, “What are you?” Personally, I like to ask that question before a stranger starts caressing my cheek. But that's me. Also, a guy fires a gun and then empties the cartridge like a spaz. I mean, I don't know how guns work, I'm sheltered, but he looked like a spaz to me.  

The logo is pretty cool, though. What do you guys think?

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