A ‘Captain Marvel’ Clip Highlights Just How Formidable Ben Mendelsohn’s Villain Is

03.07.19 2 months ago

Captain Marvel opens tonight, with most reviews being positive, and our own reviews calling it “mostly delightful” and “just fine, […] the New England Patriots of movies.” Now Marvel has dropped a new clip (above) and Jimmy Kimmel Live! has debuted a totally real, definitely not a mashup video filled with more ’90s nostalgia (below).

The clip above shows Nick Fury trying to take on Ben Mendelsohn‘s shape-shifting Skrull villain, Talos, with an assist from Captain Marvel and a familiar-looking rookie S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (Clark Gregg).

Captain Marvel is currently tracking to open in the $125 million to $145 million range in the US box office this weekend, with Fandango reporting the film’s sold more advance tickets than any movie since Avengers: Infinity War. It’s on pace to be the second-highest grossing superhero debut, second only to Black Panther.

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