A ‘Captain Marvel’ Clip Highlights Just How Formidable Ben Mendelsohn’s Villain Is

Captain Marvel opens tonight, with most reviews being positive, and our own reviews calling it “mostly delightful” and “just fine, […] the New England Patriots of movies.” Now Marvel has dropped a new clip (above) and Jimmy Kimmel Live! has debuted a totally real, definitely not a mashup video filled with more ’90s nostalgia (below).

The clip above shows Nick Fury trying to take on Ben Mendelsohn‘s shape-shifting Skrull villain, Talos, with an assist from Captain Marvel and a familiar-looking rookie S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (Clark Gregg).

Captain Marvel is currently tracking to open in the $125 million to $145 million range in the US box office this weekend, with Fandango reporting the film’s sold more advance tickets than any movie since Avengers: Infinity War. It’s on pace to be the second-highest grossing superhero debut, second only to Black Panther.

Fandango also polled over 1,000 Captain Marvel ticket buyers about what they’re most looking forward to about the movie:

98% are looking forward to seeing how Captain Marvel connects to the ongoing Avengers storyline.
92% are looking forward to the movie’s ‘90s setting.
81% are excited about seeing Captain Marvel because they hope it will provide more answers to Infinity War before seeing Endgame.
75% are looking forward to seeing the “de-aging” process used on Samuel L. Jackson to portray a younger Nick Fury and on Clark Gregg as rookie Agent Coulson.

Speaking of that ’90s setting and a younger Samuel L. Jackson, here’s a thing that now exists in this world:

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